Thanks for stopping by.  I, Victor van Lint, have prepared this website to share information about our family, especially for our grandchildren and friends.  The focus is on my wife, June van Lint, who survived over 46 years as a quadriplegic, rearing four children and traveling extensively.  In 1975, using one finger on an electric typewriter, June wrote a book entitled My New Life, which describes her experiences during the first four years of her quadriplegia.  In the summer of 2012 I completed a Sequel to cover the rest of the 46 years, using mostly material from letters she wrote to her sister.  Some additional material was added to describe her hospitalization for pneumonia and colon cancer in Nov. 2012, a 28-day cruise we took in Feb. 2013, a stroke she suffered in March and her death on March 30, 2013.  The site includes downloadable .PDF files of both books and a short history of my work as an experimental physicist.  


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